Need to increase market share, reverse sales declines, achieve record sales campaign performance, drive growth, develop a healthier leadership team, launch a new product, build better brand awareness or lead a complete brand reinvention?

24K Brands is a management, marketing and executive development consulting agency that builds champion brands. Our difference: Strategy + Execution. We deliver C-level expertise across multiple industries—including professional implementation of the highly popular Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) to strengthen The Six Key Components™ of your business. But we don’t just offer ideas and walk away. Our Hub & Spoke Model helps you tackle critical projects at record pace, while also giving you the flexibility to dial your efforts up or down based on objectives and budgets. And our network of specialty agencies and independent consultants helps you bypass cumbersome agency RFPs and succeed today.

WHY 24K?

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Professional Implementation of EOS runs through the heart of all of our management and executive-level consulting. When you’re ready to dive into the proven and practical EOS model, check out the resources below. You can also schedule a free 90-minute meeting and learn more about professional EOS Implementation at


Want to know how your business is performing against The Six Key Components™?



by Gino Wickman

  • The only reason you have a problem is that you haven’t made a decision.
  • Improve your team’s decision-making skills.
  • Many leaders are frozen with uncertainty, which holds their companies back from achieving their full potential. Leaders struggle with two challenges when trying to make good decisions: making bad decisions, and taking far too long to make them!
  • This eBook will help you and your leadership team make better and faster decisions.

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Working with an EOS Implementer is just the beginning. Give your team the right information and tools to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) purely throughout your organization. Learn more about all 5 books in the traction library and recieve bulk discounts.

Meet Pam

Pam Kosanke, Founder & CEO of 24K Brands

Pam Kosanke is the definition of “proven marketing professional.” With deep experience at both the corporate and agency levels, she’s operated as a CEO, CMO, VP, senior account executive, and leader of her own branding firm. Her resume is a collection of measurable, real-world accomplishments-increasing market share, reversing sales declines, achieving record sales campaign performance, driving growth, winning awards, successfully launching products, building brand awareness and leading brand reinventions.

With industry experience ranging from consumer packaged goods and international franchising, to sports marketing and retail, it’s hard to find a challenge Pam hasn’t faced, a goal she hasn’t reached, or a crisis she hasn’t navigated. Whether it’s marketing, advertising, brand-building, sponsorships or digital and social media, she’s delivered results for big brands like McDonald’s, mid-sized brands like Renters Warehouse, and entrepreneurial brands like her own firm, 24K Brands.

The common denominator? Drive, grit and natural leadership. Even in her extensive athletic career, Pam has never been merely a “player.” She’s been the captain, the MVP, the Academic All-American, the coach. Clients love her because she brings that passion and positive attitude to their brand, their company and their people. They trust her because they know she’ll always leave it all on the field for their brand and their people. And they remain loyal because no matter how competitive the marketplace, she always helps them win.